The potential of Bitcoin In 2022


This December what’s happening in the markets as always with the market starts off with Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the driving factor behind what happens in the crypto market and as we can see it’s been going down, what I want to tell you is that it will go as low as you can’t imagine if Echange like FTX continues to collapse.

There are people like Gemini  who are going under we’re trying to recover 900  million from crypto lenders this has a big effect on crypto but guess what only three percent of the Bitcoin Market moved from this shows me that we are too low to even drop FTX one of the

biggest in the space goes from an amazing millionaire company to nothing okay the owner literally went from being nearly a billionaire to now not even owning ten thousand dollars and guess what it didn’t even change more than four percent of the Bitcoin Market that tells me we are at the lowest possible

because back in the day when things would happen like the war going on whether it was the queen die and things like that now we don’t even move we are at the lowest you can get.

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