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In this post, I will show you How to qualify for the Sui Network airdrop and claim unlimited sui network airdrop, this could be one of the biggest airdrops in 2023 you could earn up to five thousand dollars with this airdrop if we look at its biggest competitor Aptos and its airdrop and the best part is it will only take you an hour’s work and will cost no money because Sui is currently not live and only live on Testnet,

Claim Unlimited sui network airdrop

Sui Network is a new layer 1 blockchain made by the team behind the DM project which was Meta’s blockchain initiative what really separates Sweet apart from other layer ones starts with its move programming language which is highly similar to the language used in Solana but this is widely regarded as a developer favorite

if you heard about moving language before that’s because it’s also the language used by their direct competitor Aptos also made by the former meta Engineers Aptos launched in late 2022 with a huge airdrop valued at around two to five thousand dollars for each participant this has led many to beliefs.

with sui’s potential airdrop coming in the near future let’s go through all the steps you need to take in order to qualify for this airdrop so

The first step is to set up a suite Network wallet so since Suite is an original layer 1 blockchain you’ll need to set up a dedicated wallet for it my favorite pick is obviously the official sweet wallet made by Mistin Labs the official developers, you can install this it’s also a browser extension so I have linked the Chrome web store to the extension.

The second step is to request some free tokens on The Sui devnet in order to interact with the decentralized applications you obviously need some tokens for gas fees so luckily you can do this very quickly just in the Suite wallet so open up the browser extension than in the menus you see there’s a button called request devnet Sui tokens, click it and you’ll receive 0.05 Suite every time you don’t have to do a lot of it these are worthless tokens so don’t fly the network but it’s very easy to use.

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