Pi Network KYC Verification 2023 change user name & phone number

Pi Network KYC Verification 2023: Steps To Success KYC | Pi network me kyc kaise kare

Do you want to know how to complete the KYC verification in Pinetwork and what documents you’re allowed to use for that before I show you how to complete KYC in pi network as always the usual disclaimer is everything I share in this post is my personal opinion and in no way financial or professional advice of any kind you should always do your own research consult certified professionals. Now let’s talk about the KYC verification in pi network there are a few moments I want to draw your attention to,

first, Pi network does not use Yoti for KYC verification anymore yes some time ago users had to install a separate application called Yoti and upload their documents there to pass KYC but it’s not the case anymore to complete KYC in pi network right now you will need an app from the pi core team called pi browser

Pi Network KYC Verification 2023 change user name & phone number

second point that needs clarification what should the users who have already passed kys verification in Yoti do now it’s quite simple they may be asked to provide the address and the number of the id document that they used for verification in yoti and with that the verification process for them will be completed and last but not least some users may still see an error

when they try to complete kyc although kyc is now open for a bigger number of users it may still take some time till everyone will be able to complete it if you go to pi browser and see an error message just wait till you see an invitation in the pi network app or check the pi browser app from time to time for a free slot now when we clarified all of that let’s see how to complete the KYC in pi network I recorded the screen of my phone earlier when I received the invitation to pass KYC.

Pi Network KYC Verification – How to Do It Step-by-Step [2023]

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