Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) Burns Massive 48 Quadrillion Tokens in April | Burn Portal Live!

Today I’m talking about baby Doge burning in April 2023 when burn portal is live and why if you’re holding one trillion baby doge coins you should read this because they now have a burn portal they’re burning tons of baby doge coins, and your coins could be precious, and very soon it’s been pumping so I’m gonna give you a price prediction for your one trillion baby doge coins I’m gonna be talking about the new Burn portal all of the burn coins on the blockchain

and I’m gonna show you the tweet from Elon Musk I’m going to show you the bullish chart baby is seriously going to be melting faces in the next Bull Run.


This is the number three biggest meme coin out of all the mean coins people have to wake up on this one check it out fam.

Babydoge coin price 2023 All Time High [ ATH ]


we got here the all-time chart for a babydoge and what do you think is bolus yes it is so bullish how is it not bullish look it’s just been going flat sideways four or seven months straight and then boom with the announcement of the burn portal and all the new Burns coming out for baby Doge this is just absolutely exploding

I mean literally exploding it is on fire this is gonna soon come up to an all-time high Now is it going to hit all-time highs right now really soon, in my opinion, it’s going to take some major exchange listings which could be coming on the way to the fam, you never know Binance

Coinbase could be watching this one to list it who knows when that’s gonna happen?

Babydoge coin Big Burning In April Burn Portal Is Live!

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